Antarctica Forever Alone ): forever alone, antarctica, light
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Lights on across the world. So sorry Antarctica :(
forever alone, antarctica, light
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I'm in a long distance relationship., I'm in a long distance relationship. Shes in my future.
I'm in a long distance relationship.
I cut out my heart, Just a paper heart.
I cut out my heart
The Thought Of Not Answering,
The Thought Of Not Answering
This isn't my gatorade!,
This isn't my gatorade!
Futurama Neutral Response, No strong feelings one way or the other.
Futurama Neutral Response
How my cat sees things..., How I see things vs how my cat sees them.
How my cat sees things...
Dogs vs. cats: Coming Home, The difference between cats and dogs when you get home.
Dogs vs. cats: Coming Home
Kamehameha in Pool,
Kamehameha in Pool
Wizard Captcha Art, Time for you to... becomes yogurts.
Wizard Captcha Art

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