I wanted to create an uplifting political message. vote, politics
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Vote for whomever sucks the least sooner or later this has to work.
vote, politics
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Thought for the day, I dont mind coming to work, but this eight hour wait to go home is just bullshit.
Thought for the day
Fuck this Shit, Fuck this shit.
Fuck this Shit
School to the Real World,
School to the Real World
Things get real in the 7th grade, I'm so sick of everyone spreading rumors. Get the hell over it, we're in the 7th grade. It's time to start acting mature.
Things get real in the 7th grade
I'm in a Band, What people think I do when I say Im in a band.
I'm in a Band
Gene Wilder, Gene Wild, Gene Wilder, Gene Wildest.
Gene Wilder
Bieber You Are Next,
Bieber You Are Next
Happy 85th birthday Grandma!, Happy 85th birthday Grandma!
Happy 85th birthday Grandma!
Gold-bloom or Gold-bluhm, Don't talk to him. He's famous.
Gold-bloom or Gold-bluhm

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