What was that... reaction faces, cat, cats, computer,
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Cat reaction face in front of computer. What was that...
reaction faces, cat, cats, computer,
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Grudge Cat, Mr cat is really upset with the shenanigans that have been going on.
Grudge Cat
We are not amused, Fancy cat is not amused.
We are not amused
Mine. Also Mine., Cat decides the keyboard and the mouse is theirs.
Mine. Also Mine.
What to do if you see a bear, Lay down if you see a bear. That way they'll think you're just one badass dude.
What to do if you see a bear
Courage Demotivational Poster, Courage. Do one brave thing today, then run like hell.
Courage Demotivational Poster
Alcohol is Poison, Alcohol is Poison. I drink it because there are things inside me that I need to kill.
Alcohol is Poison
Good News 4chan, Good news everyone, you're reading this in my voice.
Good News 4chan
Lord of the Rings Puppy, A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day.
Lord of the Rings Puppy
Gandalf tells it the way it is., If you dont study, you shall not pass.
Gandalf tells it the way it is.

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At first I was like...Arnold Schwarzenegger - Proceed...
I Know That Feel BroYeah, maybe. And maybe go f**k yourself.


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