Eating Bacon with Chopsticks stoner comics, bacon, chopsticks
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Just a stoner eating bacon with chopsticks.
stoner comics, bacon, chopsticks
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High While Eating Macaroni, I turned down my tv because I couldn't taste my macaroni.
High While Eating Macaroni
Cinnamon Stick,
Cinnamon Stick
Police Officer, how high are you?, Police officer asks how high are you.
Police Officer, how high are you?
Yellow Things, Long yellow things because the word banana is too mainstream.
Yellow Things
Some People, The story of random people's lives all connecting together.
Some People
Never Crash, Macs. they never crash.
Never Crash
Cannot Unseal, Cannot Unsee that kevin is a laughing seal.
Cannot Unseal
When mine is higher..., When my floor is higher, I feel secretly superior.
When mine is higher...
Ghost in the Cemetery,
Ghost in the Cemetery

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Police Officer, how high are you?Dont Smoke Without Me


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