Kiddo, are you smoking? stoner comics, dad, parent
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Dad finds out what his son is doing.
stoner comics, dad, parent
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Im High Son, A guy telling his son how he is while being surrounded by planets.
Im High Son
Troll Dad Catches Son Smoking, Troll Dad Catches Son Smoking
Troll Dad Catches Son Smoking
Troll Dad on daughters beauty, Checking myself out in the mirror, is that vanity?
Troll Dad on daughters beauty
Every time...,
Every time...
Role Models, Cat looking up at photos and paintings of Tigers.
Role Models
Uncle Jack Grammar, Grammar is important or else sentences can get really weird.
Uncle Jack Grammar
It gets you when your guard is down..., Playing TF2, when all of a sudden windows update.
It gets you when your guard is down...
Its a Massachusetts thing..., Its a Massachusetts thing...
Its a Massachusetts thing...
Like a BOSS (Dog swag),
Like a BOSS (Dog swag)

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