Smoke Up In The Woods stoner comics, smoke, woods, stick
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My resources are limited, my only weapon is a stick.
stoner comics, smoke, woods, stick
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Cinnamon Stick,
Cinnamon Stick
Smoke Deployed, Care package ready for delivery, smoke to mark your drop zone.
Smoke Deployed
Dont Smoke Without Me, Im off to get us some pizza. Dont smoke without me!
Dont Smoke Without Me
Hamster house is over capacity!, Cute hamsters stuffed in a hamster house. Its over capacity!
Hamster house is over capacity!
Shower Rage, Shower curtains keep attacking me.
Shower Rage
Harry Potter, Harry Potter
Harry Potter
I wanted to create an uplifting political message., Vote for whomever sucks the least sooner or later this has to work.
I wanted to create an uplifting political message.
Eye Rage, After a night of drinking I thought I was peter parker cause I could see without my glasses.
Eye Rage
First Time Trying Salvia, Trying Salvia for the first time, and meeting the sun king.
First Time Trying Salvia

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