What women think men do during showers comics, shower, men, women
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What men think women do during long showers, and what they really do.
comics, shower, men, women
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How to Take a Photo (women), The difference between how men and women photograph something to show everyone.
How to Take a Photo (women)
Women make 75 Cents for every dollar a man makes, Studies show that for every dollar a man makes, women make 75 cents. Because a woman takes 75 cents of it.
Women make 75 Cents for every dollar a man makes
Ok, honey..., Male lions getting yelled at.
Ok, honey...
Seems Legit, Dolphin icon on my desktop seems legit.
Seems Legit
Pie Eating Contest? Nah, son., Nah son, free pie.
Pie Eating Contest? Nah, son.
Every Morning, Bed, y u most comfortable in the morning?
Every Morning
Box of Hate,
Box of Hate
It begins!, How ipads will turn us all into the people from Wall-E living aboard the ship.
It begins!
Gastly Forgot Mean Look, Gastly forgot mean look
Gastly Forgot Mean Look

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