Im High Son father, son, galaxy, science, space, stoner comics
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A guy telling his son how he is while being surrounded by planets.
father, son, galaxy, science, space, stoner comics
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Just Saiyan Son, You should really get a job son, I'm just saiyan.
Just Saiyan Son
Childhood Memories with Gameboy,
Childhood Memories with Gameboy
Police Officer, how high are you?, Police officer asks how high are you.
Police Officer, how high are you?
Imperial Walker Refeuling, Imperial Walker refeuling
Imperial Walker Refeuling
Eating Popcorn, Trying to eat popcorn.
Eating Popcorn
Is it safe?, Is it safe? Thats a good question from a girl who hangs out with a tiger.
Is it safe?
Best Feeling Ever, Best Feeling Ever when you see that you can get some more sleep after waking up.
Best Feeling Ever
Lets Watch Rocky!,
Lets Watch Rocky!
Feels Batman, Batman is sad and feels bad.
Feels Batman

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