Breathe Underwater troll physics, troll science, breathe, underwater
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How to breathe underwater with a plastic bag and a plant.
troll physics, troll science, breathe, underwater
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How to get unlimited money!, Banks can get new bills for damaged bills. Use this technique for infinite money.
How to get unlimited money!
Survive a Burning Building, To survive a jump from a building just use a chair.
Survive a Burning Building
Infinite Green Lights, Get infinite green lights while you drive.
Infinite Green Lights
Australia Spiders, Australia's spider are so big that they have health bars.
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You just divided by zero, didn't you?, You just divided by zero, didn't you ?
You just divided by zero, didn't you?
Lunch with Five Guys, Dinner by myself...
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Asian Facebook Timeline, As an Asian... Facebook Timeline. Doing it right?
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Touch the Rainbow, Go ahead, reach out and touch the rainbow.
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Choose your meme face, Choose your meme
Choose your meme face

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