World Leaders Walking obama, strutting leo, when you see it
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When You See It...
obama, strutting leo, when you see it
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No One Simply Struts Into Mordor, Strutting Leo apparently does.
No One Simply Struts Into Mordor
LOL WHY U MAD THO?, Michelle Obama with a very important question.
Presidential Military Face Swap, Barack Obama walking in front of soldiers, who decide to face swap.
Presidential Military Face Swap
Grudge Cat, Mr cat is really upset with the shenanigans that have been going on.
Grudge Cat
Is it safe?, Is it safe? Thats a good question from a girl who hangs out with a tiger.
Is it safe?
mindfuck 1, mindfuck 1
mindfuck 1
All Hail Steve, All Hail Steve, half horse, half shotgun, stronger than both.
All Hail Steve
I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow..., I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow, but when I woke up my boyfriend was gone.
I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow...
Pffpfpppfff, pffpfpppff

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