World Leaders Walking obama, strutting leo, when you see it
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obama, strutting leo, when you see it
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No One Simply Struts Into Mordor, Strutting Leo apparently does.
No One Simply Struts Into Mordor
LOL WHY U MAD THO?, Michelle Obama with a very important question.
Presidential Military Face Swap, Barack Obama walking in front of soldiers, who decide to face swap.
Presidential Military Face Swap
Police Medic, Police Medic, he'll beat you well.
Police Medic
Mario Memes, Different meme faces in mario form.
Mario Memes
Disapproval Turtle, Disaproval turtle captcha.
Disapproval Turtle
Resolution Drugs, My every new year resolution is to get healthier while still destroying myself with alcohol and drugs.
Resolution Drugs
Why we need a Woman President, Sexist joke about women not getting paid enough and how we need one as a president to save money.
Why we need a Woman President

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