What time is it bro? stoner comics, phone, time, 420
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Stoner comic where a bro checks the time.
stoner comics, phone, time, 420
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Some People, The story of random people's lives all connecting together.
Some People
High While Eating Macaroni, I turned down my tv because I couldn't taste my macaroni.
High While Eating Macaroni
Spider Bro, A guy saves a girl from a spider, but theres a twist!
Spider Bro
C'mon, don't be racist! Be like Mario!, Be like Mario. Hes an Italian plumber, created by Japanese people, who speaks english, and looks like a Mexican.
C'mon, don't be racist! Be like Mario!
Live Texting You The Fireworks Display,
Live Texting You The Fireworks Display
The Simpsons Happiness vs Intelligence,
The Simpsons Happiness vs Intelligence
If browsers were guns, If browsers were guns
If browsers were guns
Dude, want a chip?, Yes Tiny hippie, more than anything.
Dude, want a chip?
Oh Look, A Penny!, A truck found a penny!
Oh Look, A Penny!

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