HIV Aids Coraws captcha art, doctor
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Doctor informs Coraws of his condition.
captcha art, doctor
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Tardis Rave lol, Tardis Rave yall.
Tardis Rave lol
Going to be the hardest exam ever..., Going to be the hardest exam ever. We need to really study for this. We might even need to pull a sixteen nighter.
Going to be the hardest exam ever...
I've Got This Annoying Cough That Wont Go Away, Annoying doctor patient relationships.
I've Got This Annoying Cough That Wont Go Away
Kemit Bale Batman, Kermit and christian bale argue over who is the batman.
Kemit Bale Batman
Cud you recommend me a book?, I would recommend the dictionary good sir.
Cud you recommend me a book?
High While Eating Macaroni, I turned down my tv because I couldn't taste my macaroni.
High While Eating Macaroni
Cannot Unseal, Cannot Unsee that kevin is a laughing seal.
Cannot Unseal
Brita Filters, Change Briti Filter every two months.
Brita Filters
Unimaginable Pain, Troll key.
Unimaginable Pain

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