Who was it... box, queen, disney, snow white
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Who was it...
box, queen, disney, snow white
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Box of Disney Cuteness, Box of Disney Cuteness
Box of Disney Cuteness
Fine! Know what, WhaEVAR!, Oh girl. Wanna say dat to my face? Fine! Know what, whaever! I'm out!
Fine! Know what, WhaEVAR!
I am the queen of france!,
I am the queen of france!
Post-Xmas trolling, A guy uses troll tactics to get away with not getting his girlfriend anything for christmas.
Post-Xmas trolling
Beware of Joey, Beware of dog.
Beware of Joey
Shot of Money, I do not think that means what you think it means.
Shot of Money
Finish your homework first,
Finish your homework first
My Dentist..., Your gums look sensitive. Let me stab them with this prison shank.
My Dentist...
Why we need a Woman President, Sexist joke about women not getting paid enough and how we need one as a president to save money.
Why we need a Woman President

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