HELLO? YES, THIS IS PHONE. things with faces, phone
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things with faces, phone
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Mom is a Witch!, Cant find my phone on the table.
Mom is a Witch!
This is Dog, The dog greets the other creature on the phone.
This is Dog
The Thought Of Not Answering,
The Thought Of Not Answering
Who Needs Drugs, Who needs drug? No seriously, I have drugs.
Who Needs Drugs
Forever Alone Table, I'll have the table for one.
Forever Alone Table
Good on you Jim, Jim sits on the train. His feet are on the floor. Not on the seat. Good on you Jim.
Good on you Jim
Me Boosta, Boo from Marios going me gusta.
Me Boosta
mk fails, mk fails
mk fails
Decisions Demotivational, How badly do you need that toilet paper?
Decisions Demotivational

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I ran into the walk-in fridge at work and startled all the boxes.spud 20face 204


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