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things with faces, phone
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Mom is a Witch!, Cant find my phone on the table.
Mom is a Witch!
This is Dog, The dog greets the other creature on the phone.
This is Dog
The Thought Of Not Answering,
The Thought Of Not Answering
Zombies vs. Supermodels, Comparing zombies and supermodels.
Zombies vs. Supermodels
Just a Duck feeding Koi, A duck feeding koi fish in a pond.
Just a Duck feeding Koi
Clefairy used Metronome!,
Clefairy used Metronome!
Disney Harry Potter, Disney Harry Potter
Disney Harry Potter
Turtles on the Court, We cant play basketball when there are turtles on the court. They'd just make us look bad.
Turtles on the Court
Guise.. SRSLY, Seriously guys.
Guise.. SRSLY

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