HELLO? YES, THIS IS PHONE. things with faces, phone
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things with faces, phone
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Mom is a Witch!, Cant find my phone on the table.
Mom is a Witch!
This is Dog, The dog greets the other creature on the phone.
This is Dog
The Thought Of Not Answering,
The Thought Of Not Answering
Badass Level: Tattoo-faced Maori Businessman, Face tattoos never looked so cool.
Badass Level: Tattoo-faced Maori Businessman
Say it again..., Spiderman begs you to say it to his face.
Say it again...
Who Needs Drugs, Who needs drug? No seriously, I have drugs.
Who Needs Drugs
Potter and Nimbus Brooms, Potter and Nimbus Brooms
Potter and Nimbus Brooms
And furthermore..., And furthermore, you can all go fuck yourselves.
And furthermore...
When helping a customer..., How to help a customer. When the customer is ready to order, do not say anything. Just stare.
When helping a customer...

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