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Cool story bro written with ABC soup.
cool story bro, soup, alphabet
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Cool Story Billy Mays, Billy Mays is the real life cool story bro guy.
Cool Story Billy Mays
Gnome Trouble, A girl finds out about gnomes and goes on an adventure of mystery of wonder.
Gnome Trouble
What a Neverending Story Mark, Johnny riding Falkor saying What a neverending story mark!
What a Neverending Story Mark
Shower Rage, Shower curtains keep attacking me.
Shower Rage
Don't Tell Anyone (Facebook Fail),
Don't Tell Anyone (Facebook Fail)
Why Do You Get A Hangover?, Reason why you get a hangover. Good luck!
Why Do You Get A Hangover?
How milk was discovered,
How milk was discovered
Exercise can be painful, Cat knocks a tv and guitar on a guy.
Exercise can be painful
Can I take some of your baggage for you?,
Can I take some of your baggage for you?

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