Christmas Face Swap face swap, christmas, grandpa
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Family friendly face swap during the holidays.
face swap, christmas, grandpa
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Moustache Face Swap, A family decides they'd rather all have moustaches, than to live normally without.
Moustache Face Swap
Baby Dad and Man Baby, A father switches heads with his drooling baby.
Baby Dad and Man Baby
Presidential Military Face Swap, Barack Obama walking in front of soldiers, who decide to face swap.
Presidential Military Face Swap
Conspiracy Keanu What if the CIA Invented Dinosaurs, What if the CIA Invented Dinosaurs to discourage time travel
Conspiracy Keanu What if the CIA Invented Dinosaurs
Lets Just Be Friends REPLY, But I think we should just be friends, okay. But... I already have a friend.
Lets Just Be Friends REPLY
How would you like this wrapped?, Anti-Terrorism or Protect Kids?
How would you like this wrapped?
Typical Military Deployment, How people at home see me. How I see myself.
Typical Military Deployment
I hate when voldemort... WTF?, I hate when voldemort... WTF?
I hate when voldemort... WTF?
The fifth Planeteer, This is why we cant have nice things.
The fifth Planeteer

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