Let me in I need to go back out again dog, dogs, inside
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Dog needs to come inside so he can go back outside.
dog, dogs, inside
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Guise.. SRSLY, Seriously guys.
Guise.. SRSLY
Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife., Antoine Dodson as a dog.
Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife.
Office Drone Dog,
Office Drone Dog
Haters Gonna Hate Batman Style, Batman trying to rollerblade but he got all these haters up in his grill.
Haters Gonna Hate Batman Style
She's doing it right., She fucking loves baking.
She's doing it right.
Free Hugs, I would totally go get one of those free hugs!
Free Hugs
Eminem Lied, Eminem says hes not afraid, but he lied.
Eminem Lied
Telling the difference between Asian languages, Easy way to tell the difference between asian languages.
Telling the difference between Asian languages
Mind your step..., Mind your step...
Mind your step...

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