Fly! You fools! lotr, lord of the rings, cats, cat
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Cat pretending to be Gandalf.
lotr, lord of the rings, cats, cat
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Dumbledore vs Gandalf on facebook, Dumbledore vs Gandalf
Dumbledore vs Gandalf on facebook
Hipster Gandalf, You've never heard of the Dwarves? It's probably because they're so underground.
Hipster Gandalf
SOPA You Shall Not Pass!, Girl cant tell the difference between dumbledore and gandalf.
SOPA You Shall Not Pass!
They're so nice to each other..., They're so nice to each other on American Chopper.
They're so nice to each other...
Keanu, doesn't give a fuck, No loitering Keanu.
Keanu, doesn't give a fuck
Off to destroy another village..., Cute Godzilla
Off to destroy another village...
1266014614149, 1266014614149
Shadow Girl, I see what you did there...
Shadow Girl
Waldo Missing?, Waldo Missing?
Waldo Missing?

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