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Hmm, my shoe is untied. I better tie it before I trip.
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Oh girl, hold on, Oh girl, hold on. Are those shoes on sale?
Oh girl, hold on
Random Bathroom Hand, A guy is using the bathroom at mcdonalds when suddenly, someone steals his toilet paper.
Random Bathroom Hand
Minecraft Husband Rage, Husband comes home to see wife with Creeper.
Minecraft Husband Rage
Building a Snowman, The expectation vs the reality of building a snowman.
Building a Snowman
I'm a werewolf!, This is why I cant admit to loving twilight.
I'm a werewolf!
Go On, Impress Me, Go on, impress me cat.
Go On, Impress Me
Weedle Run Out,
Weedle Run Out
You got this one!, Captain, I just wanna tell you good luck. The passengers are scared and we're all counting on you.
You got this one!
I no can has cheezeburger... nobody can has cheezeburger,
I no can has cheezeburger... nobody can has cheezeburger

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