PC and Mac compare, pc, mac, computer, microsoft
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The main difference between macs and PCs.
compare, pc, mac, computer, microsoft
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Update Available, An Update is Available for Your Computer.
Update Available
Never Crash, Macs. they never crash.
Never Crash
iGhost, Steve Jobs unveils iGhost.
Imperial Walker Refeuling, Imperial Walker refeuling
Imperial Walker Refeuling
Godzilla Facepalm, Godzilla Facepalm. When Godzilla gives you the facepalm, you know the fail is epic.
Godzilla Facepalm
Curses, Curses, foiled again!
Look at him, look at him and laugh!, Look at him, look at him and laugh! Spiderman tells two policemen.
Look at him, look at him and laugh!
Skyrim logic., Skyrim logic.
Skyrim logic.
Swagrid, Hagrid from harry potter rocking his gold chain, and thug life belt. #swagrid

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