Troll Biology troll physics, biology, lions, pig
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What happens when you combine a pig and a lion.
troll physics, biology, lions, pig
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How to get unlimited money!, Banks can get new bills for damaged bills. Use this technique for infinite money.
How to get unlimited money!
Downhill Wheels, Jack up your rear wheel ans enjoy coasting down hill.
Downhill Wheels
Survive a Burning Building, To survive a jump from a building just use a chair.
Survive a Burning Building
Worm Burial, Worm Burial where they bury the worm on the surface because they're already underground.
Worm Burial
What a Neverending Story Mark, Johnny riding Falkor saying What a neverending story mark!
What a Neverending Story Mark
4chan - The Internet Love Machine., 4chan, the Internet Love Machine. Guy eating noodles asks for advice.
4chan - The Internet Love Machine.
Jessi Consequences, The legendary event when Jessi Slaughter's father says "The consequences will never be the same". Little did we know...they never were the same. They never will be.
Jessi Consequences
NY construction, Minecraft style. (Wallpaper), NY construction, Minecraft style. (Wallpaper)
NY construction, Minecraft style. (Wallpaper)
What is a transformer doing on the road?,
What is a transformer doing on the road?

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How to get unlimited money!Troll Science: Obesity
Downhill WheelsNever Pay for Gas Again


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