Thought for the day work, home, sucks
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I dont mind coming to work, but this eight hour wait to go home is just bulls**t.
work, home, sucks
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Fuck this Shit, Fuck this shit.
Fuck this Shit
School to the Real World,
School to the Real World
It's friday, fuck this shit!, What I look like on Fridays.
It's friday, fuck this shit!
Troll Science: Obesity, Put nicotine in healthy food.
Troll Science: Obesity
Curing Professor Oak,
Curing Professor Oak
I need a girll, Not sure if you want a grill or girl.
I need a girll
fn.CM5WY, fn.CM5WY
mindfuck 1, mindfuck 1
mindfuck 1
Oops! You Found a Dead Link, Oops! You Found a Dead Link
Oops! You Found a Dead Link

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