Eyebrow Woman Logic woman logic, eyebrows
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Plush your eyebrows out, draw them back on. Woman logic.
woman logic, eyebrows
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Lets Put A Bunch of Pillows on the Couch, Woman logic on couch pillows.
Lets Put A Bunch of Pillows on the Couch
Female Double Standards, Female double standards
Female Double Standards
How to cheer up a girl, Crisis averted.
How to cheer up a girl
Just a Duck feeding Koi, A duck feeding koi fish in a pond.
Just a Duck feeding Koi
Daddy Stormtrooper, Growing up with my dad who is a stormtrooper.
Daddy Stormtrooper
Happens Every Time, Wearing my new hoodie for the first time.
Happens Every Time
Where do astronauts hang out?, Where do astronauts hang out?
Where do astronauts hang out?
Hate when this happens, Walking somewhere with headphones on, keep skipping tracks.
Hate when this happens
Cool Story Billy Mays, Billy Mays is the real life cool story bro guy.
Cool Story Billy Mays

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