LEGO Dexter lego, dexter
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Dexter in lego form.
lego, dexter
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When you eat it..., Sushi Lego!
When you eat it...
Lego Man Ffffuuuu, Lego man gets rejected as they want someone with more experience.
Lego Man Ffffuuuu
Stone Comic Lego Room, Getting high at a friends place, then using their lego room.
Stone Comic Lego Room
We need more love!!!, We need more love!!!
We need more love!!!
Mommy, I'm bleeding!,
Mommy, I'm bleeding!
Undead Sleeping Beauty,
Undead Sleeping Beauty
No Joe No, When the girl tries to break up with joe, he falcon punches her.
No Joe No
Manure Abandoned, Im bored now what shall we do? Manour abandoned.
Manure Abandoned
Unimpressed Mountain, Mountain is unimpressed.
Unimpressed Mountain

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