Alien Payback payback, alien, baby, human
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A human baby popping out of an alien.
payback, alien, baby, human
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Baby Dad and Man Baby, A father switches heads with his drooling baby.
Baby Dad and Man Baby
Animals reactions to being placed inside a cardboard box, What happens when you place various animals under a cardboard box.
Animals reactions to being placed inside a cardboard box
Oh yes, the other children..., Oh yes, the other children. They tasted wonderful.
Oh yes, the other children...
Dont Smoke Without Me, Im off to get us some pizza. Dont smoke without me!
Dont Smoke Without Me
Good Friends, Facebook status update about some good news.
Good Friends
Pffpfpppfff, pffpfpppff
Ben Bernanke Doesn't Explain Shit, Ben Bernanke on explaining the economy.
Ben Bernanke Doesn't Explain Shit
Sarah Just Signed In, Sarah just signed in, why not talk to her?
Sarah Just Signed In
Human Powered Ferris Wheel, Who needs electricity?
Human Powered Ferris Wheel

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