Get Away From Me, Hoe! donald duck, hoe, reaction faces
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Donald Duck aint playing.
donald duck, hoe, reaction faces
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Duck Faces!, Four duck faces.
Duck Faces!
It's a duck face!,
It's a duck face!
VLAD WINK, Putin winking.
Wow, is this for me?, Wow. What is this? Is this for me?
Wow, is this for me?
Me Ghosta, When I die, I'm going to watch attractive people shower.
Me Ghosta
And I snuggle with them every night!, My friend and I crashing at her place for the night, pulling out my stuffed dog.
And I snuggle with them every night!
Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Car,
Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Car
Forever A Stone, Forever a stone :(
Forever A Stone

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At first I was like...Haha! You are poor!
Fail KittyDiddly


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