Get Away From Me, Hoe! donald duck, hoe, reaction faces
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Donald Duck aint playing.
donald duck, hoe, reaction faces
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Duck Faces!, Four duck faces.
Duck Faces!
It's a duck face!,
It's a duck face!
VLAD WINK, Putin winking.
Attack Formation!,
Attack Formation!
I like to do this and pretend its a superhero,
I like to do this and pretend its a superhero
Fabulous Swimming, Three gentle decide that swimming is just oh so fabulous.
Fabulous Swimming
Unicorn Derp, Someone's little sister drew this,Herp Derp unicorn.
Unicorn Derp
Oh yes, the other children..., Oh yes, the other children. They tasted wonderful.
Oh yes, the other children...
These two should meet!, Stickers on the back of cars.
These two should meet!

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Feels GoodmanGo On, Impress Me
At first I was like...Feels Batman (version 2)


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