Humanized Timon and Pumba humanized, timon, pumba, disney
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Timon and Pumba drawn as human characters.
humanized, timon, pumba, disney
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Disney Characters Names Explained, What Disney characters names translate to.
Disney Characters Names Explained
Who was it..., Who was it...
Who was it...
Three humans of three different ethnic groups walk into a bar...,
Three humans of three different ethnic groups walk into a bar...
Assuming Direct Control, Spidey is now in control.
Assuming Direct Control
Everyday I'm Shufflin,
Everyday I'm Shufflin
Window Rage, Sitting in class, asking someone to shut a window because its cold.
Window Rage
Don't wanna get out of bed, Don't wanna get out of bed to plug it in, so I lean out of the bed instead.
Don't wanna get out of bed
Narnia Kitten, I'm in your Narnia, pretending to be Aslan.
Narnia Kitten
Train Five!, How to give a high five as a train conductor.
Train Five!

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