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captcha art, yoda
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HIV Aids Coraws, Doctor informs Coraws of his condition.
HIV Aids Coraws
Going to be the hardest exam ever..., Going to be the hardest exam ever. We need to really study for this. We might even need to pull a sixteen nighter.
Going to be the hardest exam ever...
Lord Emostabe,
Lord Emostabe
Laziness level: Michael Bay, How lazy can you get. Same scene in Transformers 3 and in The Island.
Laziness level: Michael Bay
Please Do Not Climb On Rocks, This Goat doesn't really care about the police.
Please Do Not Climb On Rocks
Seat Choosing Overload, Rebecca Black cant pick a seat. I cant even process this.
Seat Choosing Overload
My favorite teacher..., Student gets owned on facebook.
My favorite teacher...
Invisible Window Installation, Cats installing an invisible window.
Invisible Window Installation
No Shoulder Riding Allowed,
No Shoulder Riding Allowed

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