Loaf Sorrow bread, loaf sorrow, captcha art
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The loaf of bread has sorrow.
bread, loaf sorrow, captcha art
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HIV Aids Coraws, Doctor informs Coraws of his condition.
HIV Aids Coraws
Going to be the hardest exam ever..., Going to be the hardest exam ever. We need to really study for this. We might even need to pull a sixteen nighter.
Going to be the hardest exam ever...
Lord Emostabe,
Lord Emostabe
Shamwow Advice, Sell towels and slap hookers.
Shamwow Advice
Window Rage, Sitting in class, asking someone to shut a window because its cold.
Window Rage
AA Meeting, Hi, my name is Terry... and I'm a battery.
AA Meeting
A Message for Santa, Dear Santa, bring me what I want for christmas or Prancer and Dancer are next.
A Message for Santa
Lol watt, lolwatt
Lol watt
Hugz?, Some people dont want to hug the cactus.

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