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How to avoid the trap of small, medium, large drinks.
drink, comics, trap
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Dont Drink and Drive!, I'm positive that I wasn't the only kid that thought this.
Dont Drink and Drive!
The Internet Trap, Why would anyone ever get caught in such an obvious trap.
The Internet Trap
Boobie Trap, A poor little kitten gets trapped in a girl's embrace.
Boobie Trap
Daddy's Home, Spiderman letting you know that he is home. :)
Daddy's Home
Another super deep thought, What if the number of facebook likes I get isn't a direct indication of my worth as a human being?
Another super deep thought
My university newspaper, doing it right, Your memes are bad and you should feel bad.
My university newspaper, doing it right
True., One does not simply rise and shine.
Forever Alone on Facebook, A brief timeline of rejection
Forever Alone on Facebook
You have a family request, Luke gets a facebook family request.
You have a family request

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