My dad's been under a lot of pressure coal, diamond, dad, pressure, work
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Under a lot of pressure.
coal, diamond, dad, pressure, work
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Moses Fishing, Moses keeps parting the water while he and his friend go fishing.
Moses Fishing
One Does Not Simple Kony 2012, One does not simply destabilize a ugandan warlord by tweeting about it.
One Does Not Simple Kony 2012
Kentucky Fried Tekken, Kentucky Fried Tekken
Kentucky Fried Tekken
A Facebook Flowchart, Should I post this to facebook? No.
A Facebook Flowchart
The Internet Trap, Why would anyone ever get caught in such an obvious trap.
The Internet Trap
If you hit this sign..., If you hit this sign, you will hit that bridge.
If you hit this sign...

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