Troll level: presidential troll, level:, presidential
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Troll level: presidential
troll, level:, presidential
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Successful Troll is Successful, Successful Troll is Successful! Guy running in a suit with a troll head.
Successful Troll is Successful
Batman Symbol, Jesus tells the lady to do a batman symbol.
Batman Symbol
Jesus Turn, Jesus asks when will it be his turn for kisses.
Jesus Turn
i no wat lesbeen meens, I was trying to do a peace sign.
i no wat lesbeen meens
Im High Son, A guy telling his son how he is while being surrounded by planets.
Im High Son
Real Super Bowl, This a Super Bowl.
Real Super Bowl
Scumbag Rose, Ill never let you go Jack. Lets him go.
Scumbag Rose
Meh, job sux..., meh job sux pay sux doan wanna get outta bed
Meh, job sux...
Things get real in the 7th grade, I'm so sick of everyone spreading rumors. Get the hell over it, we're in the 7th grade. It's time to start acting mature.
Things get real in the 7th grade

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