Loud Phone Talker bus, phone, loud
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No way! I'm annoying the s**t out of everyone on my bus too!
bus, phone, loud
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Make Your Smileys the RIGHT way, Its this :) not this (:
Make Your Smileys the RIGHT way
Invisible Sandwich, Cat has an invisible sandwich.
Invisible Sandwich
I don't understand technology and gaming trends, People, y u no logical?
I don't understand technology and gaming trends
Cannot Unseal, Cannot Unsee that kevin is a laughing seal.
Cannot Unseal
Girl Logic, The story of girls only dating jerks.
Girl Logic
Compilation Photo illusions,
Compilation Photo illusions

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60s Spider-man, Troll Jesus, Face Swap, Forever Alone, Pokemon Comics, First World Problems, Conspiracy Keanu, Troll Physics, Stoner Comics, Demotivational, When you see it, Captcha Art, Reaction Faces, Things With Faces

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