We Removed One Of Your Ribs... girlfriend, ribs
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Congratulations, we removed one of your ribs and made you a girlfriend.
girlfriend, ribs
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Spider Battle, A man battles a spider for his girlfriend.
Spider Battle
Joseph Gordon-Levitt will never get a girlfriend...,
Joseph Gordon-Levitt will never get a girlfriend...
When I say I'll get home late, When I say I'll get home late, where I really am. Where my girlfriend thinks I am. Where my mother thinks I am.
When I say I'll get home late
Cannot Unseal, Cannot Unsee that kevin is a laughing seal.
Cannot Unseal
About to lose an argument..., About to lose an argument, start to cry.
About to lose an argument...
Undead Sleeping Beauty,
Undead Sleeping Beauty
Not A Photographer, You are not a photographer, you just have an overpriced camera.
Not A Photographer
Dogs Surfing, I've made a huge mistake.
Dogs Surfing
Spiderman to Mission Control, Spiderman to mission control. Requesting permission to land.
Spiderman to Mission Control

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