Boys will be boys... facebook, boys, guys
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Boys will be boys...
facebook, boys, guys
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Boys can be so naive, When a girl walks away, dont just let her go. She probably wants you to go after her, so dont be an idiot. Do it.
Boys can be so naive
My Milkshakes,
My Milkshakes
Dont tell me to stop smoking!,
Dont tell me to stop smoking!
Dragons Fierce and Epic Debate, The language of dragons.
Dragons Fierce and Epic Debate
I am the emperor!, Showering in the morning. Leaving the shower to the winds of the arctic, then finding a towel.
I am the emperor!
The Beard Attractiveness Graph, The Beard Attractiveness Graph
The Beard Attractiveness Graph
Free Press Protest in Budapest, Dear government, y u no like free press?
Free Press Protest in Budapest
Procrastination, Procrastination poster. Who ever made this said they will finish it.
Disapproval Turtle, Disaproval turtle captcha.
Disapproval Turtle

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