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A girl on facebook is forever alone.
forever alone, facebook
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I'll take what I can get..., I take what I can get
I'll take what I can get...
Forever Alone on Facebook, A brief timeline of rejection
Forever Alone on Facebook
Friend forgot to log off their computer..., Friend forgot to log off their computer. I'm a total hacker!
Friend forgot to log off their computer...
The Ancient Aliens Guy Progression, What if the alien guy isnt crazy, and hes just being abducted really slowly?
The Ancient Aliens Guy Progression
Antarctica Forever Alone ):, Lights on across the world. So sorry Antarctica :(
Antarctica Forever Alone ):
Every Morning, Sometimes I light my bed on fire to try to get myself to get out of bed.
Every Morning
I'll study later,
I'll study later
Chaotic Evil Stall Story, A guy messed with someone trying to use the bathroom and a mall.
Chaotic Evil Stall Story
Mafia Wars Presidents, President Obama and Putin are rivals in mafia wars.
Mafia Wars Presidents

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