My Dog is driving! dog, facebook, fail, car, accident
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Facebook screencap of a girl getting into a car accident.
dog, facebook, fail, car, accident
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Like a BOSS (Dog swag),
Like a BOSS (Dog swag)
It was worth it, A man takes a picture to capture the rare event.
It was worth it
Predictability, Girl does a full wardrobe change while driving.
The way to a ballers heart..., Says his mistress seduced him with free french fries.
The way to a ballers heart...
Gentlementlemen, Gentlementlemen from team fortress.
Snape quits magic, Snape quits magic
Snape quits magic
One does not simply rock into mordor!,
One does not simply rock into mordor!
Tweeting on Facebook, Tweeting on Facebook literally.
Tweeting on Facebook
Pizza Hut Forever Alone, Right before I close the door I yell Pizzas here into my apartment. So he doesnt think all that pizza is for me.
Pizza Hut Forever Alone

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