Australia Spiders demotivational, australia, spider, health bar
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Australia's spider are so big that they have health bars.
demotivational, australia, spider, health bar
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If you hit this sign..., If you hit this sign, you will hit that bridge.
If you hit this sign...
incest, incest
Books in Skyrim, Most books in skyrim look like this.
Books in Skyrim
New Year's Eve Ambitions, You'll see superdog, I'm going to stay up late on new years eve.
New Year's Eve Ambitions
Dude, someone said you look like an owl., Who said I look like an owl?
Dude, someone said you look like an owl.
Kermit Truth, Kermit the frong is about to be told the horrible truth about who...or what he really is.
Kermit Truth

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