Australia Spiders demotivational, australia, spider, health bar
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Australia's spider are so big that they have health bars.
demotivational, australia, spider, health bar
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Dougtrio, Dougtrio is happy to be a pokemon freak of nature.
Thought for the day, I dont mind coming to work, but this eight hour wait to go home is just bullshit.
Thought for the day
Kemit Bale Batman, Kermit and christian bale argue over who is the batman.
Kemit Bale Batman
i has a bunny, I has a bunny!
i has a bunny
Bill Gates saving up for Lamborghini,
Bill Gates saving up for Lamborghini
That's kind of nasty, Whats green and smells like bacon? Kermit's fingers. :(
That's kind of nasty

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