I wish I had my license to kill troll dad, rage guy, james bond
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Watching James Bond movie with the wife.
troll dad, rage guy, james bond
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Traffic Troll, How to troll at the stop light.
Traffic Troll
Troll Dad on daughters beauty, Checking myself out in the mirror, is that vanity?
Troll Dad on daughters beauty
Women make 75 Cents for every dollar a man makes, Studies show that for every dollar a man makes, women make 75 cents. Because a woman takes 75 cents of it.
Women make 75 Cents for every dollar a man makes
Once Upon A Time, Once upon a time a prince asked a beautiful princess will you marry me. The princess said NO and the prince lived happily ever after.
Once Upon A Time
Boys can be so naive, When a girl walks away, dont just let her go. She probably wants you to go after her, so dont be an idiot. Do it.
Boys can be so naive
I've found her, I found Derpina's car.
I've found her
Oh My God!,
Oh My God!
I don't trust these things,
I don't trust these things
Shot of Money, I do not think that means what you think it means.
Shot of Money

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