I wish I had my license to kill troll dad, rage guy, james bond
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Watching James Bond movie with the wife.
troll dad, rage guy, james bond
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Traffic Troll, How to troll at the stop light.
Traffic Troll
Troll Dad on daughters beauty, Checking myself out in the mirror, is that vanity?
Troll Dad on daughters beauty
Women make 75 Cents for every dollar a man makes, Studies show that for every dollar a man makes, women make 75 cents. Because a woman takes 75 cents of it.
Women make 75 Cents for every dollar a man makes
Friday Night... Appear Offline,
Friday Night... Appear Offline
Jesus Race, Jesus tells the running man that winning the race wont fix his face.
Jesus Race
Disney Harry Potter, Disney Harry Potter
Disney Harry Potter
IPad function 1001: Coffee Tray, One of my favorite uses for an ipad.
IPad function 1001: Coffee Tray
Eating Bacon with Chopsticks, Just a stoner eating bacon with chopsticks.
Eating Bacon with Chopsticks
Wait a sec..., Spiderman recognizes you.
Wait a sec...

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