What people watching me play Pokemon on the subway think pokemon comics, subway
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What I imagine people watching me play pokemon on the subway are thinking.
pokemon comics, subway
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People who play Pokemon, People who play Pokemon
People who play Pokemon
Ash Finally Recognizes Team Rocket,
Ash Finally Recognizes Team Rocket
Just wait until I get to Level 55, Just wait until Dratini gets to level 55.
Just wait until I get to Level 55
Just a Duck feeding Koi, A duck feeding koi fish in a pond.
Just a Duck feeding Koi
My Facebook Timeline Lately, Like in three seconds if... NO! Stop it!
My Facebook Timeline Lately
Single Girls vs. Single Guys, Single Girls vs. Single Guys
Single Girls vs. Single Guys
Inertia, How Links grappling hooks should have worked.
50% Chance Of Putting in the USB Right, 50% chance of putting it in right, get it wrong 89% of the time.
50% Chance Of Putting in the USB Right
Got all dem girls!, Got all dem girls!
Got all dem girls!

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