How much does Champaign cost? yahoo answers, champaign, cost
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Champaign is a city in Illinois, it would probably be very expensive.
yahoo answers, champaign, cost
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Yahoo Answers 16 and Pregnant, Girl on Yahoo Answers asks about being on 16 and pregnant, or my super sweet 16. Farnsworth weighs in. I dont want to live on this planet anymore.
Yahoo Answers 16 and Pregnant
My boyfriend is addicted to Skyrim, My boyfriend is addicted to Skyrim.
My boyfriend is addicted to Skyrim
How do you get a guy to propose?, How do you get a guy to propose?
How do you get a guy to propose?
Spiderman's in Control Now, I'm taking control of this thread.
Spiderman's in Control Now
Fuck This, I Quit, Advice dog finally quits.
Fuck This, I Quit
Get Away From Me, Hoe!, Donald Duck aint playing.
Get Away From Me, Hoe!
A very accurate pie chart., Pie i have eaten vs pie I have not eaten.
A very accurate pie chart.
Predictability, Girl does a full wardrobe change while driving.
Every time I take an exam., Times up, put your pens down.
Every time I take an exam.

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