Is this what a hug feels like? forever alone, pet, snake
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The perfect pet for Forever Alone Guy
forever alone, pet, snake
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Forever Alone, ITT:
Forever Alone
Forever A Success, According to a recent study those who lost their virginity early on in teehnood often live lifes less financially successful compared to those who waited.
Forever A Success
I'm in a long distance relationship., I'm in a long distance relationship. Shes in my future.
I'm in a long distance relationship.
Justin John Bieber, The original justin bieber.
Justin John Bieber
Ehh Windows Demotivational by TheSpottedfur, Ehh Windows Demotivational by TheSpottedfur
Ehh Windows Demotivational by TheSpottedfur
Duck Faces!, Four duck faces.
Duck Faces!
Inglorious Wizards, No nose guy carves a lightning bolt into a Harry's head so everyone will know what he is.
Inglorious Wizards
The Irishman's Watch, The Ultimate Watch. Go to a pub, order a beer and impale the receipt on the spike. Whenever you need to know what time it is just look at the receipt.
The Irishman's Watch
Manure Abandoned, Im bored now what shall we do? Manour abandoned.
Manure Abandoned

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