Me Lukesta me gusta, rage comics, luke, star wars
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me gusta, rage comics, luke, star wars
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Coworker and Current Events, Coworker hasn't heard of any current events except Kim Kardashian's wedding. So I created a death star.
Coworker and Current Events
Lukov, I am your father, Russian version of star wars.
Lukov, I am your father
How milk was discovered,
How milk was discovered
Hip Abductor Strengthening, Comment on a youtube video showing how to strengthen your hips.
Hip Abductor Strengthening
DJ s Pokemon Type Meme by DarkJak, DJ s Pokemon Type Meme by DarkJak
DJ s Pokemon Type Meme by DarkJak
And furthermore..., And furthermore, you can all go fuck yourselves.
And furthermore...
ATOMS, Very hungry and theres only atoms in the fridge.
Werewolf Boy, A guy tells his little brother that they are a family of werewolves.
Werewolf Boy
Laundry Rage, Wash all the things. Fold all the things?
Laundry Rage

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