Syncing syncing, mp3 player, usb, rage comics
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Trying plug in a USB port but there a dark forces at play.
syncing, mp3 player, usb, rage comics
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Window Rage, Sitting in class, asking someone to shut a window because its cold.
Window Rage
Random Bathroom Hand, A guy is using the bathroom at mcdonalds when suddenly, someone steals his toilet paper.
Random Bathroom Hand
Minecraft Husband Rage, Husband comes home to see wife with Creeper.
Minecraft Husband Rage
How Planes Fly, Drawing a diagram on how planes fly. PS its magic.
How Planes Fly
How I view dogs and cats, This is how I view dogs and cats.
How I view dogs and cats
Good Friends, Facebook status update about some good news.
Good Friends
I Wish I Were Like Everyone Else, As children we wish we were like everyone else. As adults we wish we were special.
I Wish I Were Like Everyone Else
Cats Watching Nyan Cat, It's a neverending circle.
Cats Watching Nyan Cat
Google knows what's up, Google knows what's up
Google knows what's up

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