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When you have no style or imagination, just copy your friends.
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Cat Ascension, Leaving this mortal plane behind me, Fare thee well: for I must leave this mortal plane behind me.
Cat Ascension, Leaving this mortal plane behind me
Worried Yet?, Gestapo. A group who answered to the SS and were in charge of controlling the populace and crushing political opposition through fear and violence.
Worried Yet?
Patient Bear, Patient Bear. Will be ready when you are.
Patient Bear
Do I need a passport to travel to Hawaii?, I love these type of answers...
Do I need a passport to travel to Hawaii?
Ninja Protects Answer, Ninja drawing is sure to protect.
Ninja Protects Answer
Chicken Killer, Kill Chicken Entire town wants to murder you.
Chicken Killer
Friend Zone Level 99, Friendzone level 99 as seen on facebook.
Friend Zone Level 99
Cat Tank into Mordor,
Cat Tank into Mordor
Clefairy used Metronome!,
Clefairy used Metronome!

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