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According to a recent study those who lost their virginity early on in teehnood often live lifes less financially successful compared to those who waited.
rage comics, forever alone, cereal guy
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Period Rage,
Period Rage
I'll come too!, Getting excluded from a party.
I'll come too!
Forever Alone, ITT:
Forever Alone
Why Cat Why, A guy's cat rubs its head in feces for some reason.
Why Cat Why
Everytime You Watch Jersey Shore,
Everytime You Watch Jersey Shore
Troll Level: Master... Flying People, Trolling with remote controlled flying people.
Troll Level: Master... Flying People
Why Cant I Hold All These Limes? (part 2), Still looking for a way to hold all his lines, Barry finds another instructor.
Why Cant I Hold All These Limes? (part 2)
Invisible Bike Crash,
Invisible Bike Crash
Skype Rage, Sure you want to quit Skype? You wont be able to send or receive messages and calls if you do.
Skype Rage

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