I do not get drunk... I get awesome drunk, alcoholic, awesome
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I do not get drunk... I get awesome
drunk, alcoholic, awesome
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I'm not an alcoholic..., I'm not an alcoholic, alcoholics go to meetings. I'm a drunk, we go to parties.
I'm not an alcoholic...
Never Leave Drunk Again, A chain door lock thats in the shape of a maze.
Never Leave Drunk Again
Awesome Facebook Profiles, Awesome Facebook Profiles
Awesome Facebook Profiles
I Wanna Watch, Two lesbians gave a guy a watch for his birthday.
I Wanna Watch
A Gift from a Cat, A gift from a cat is really death threat.
A Gift from a Cat
1st Generation Pokemon, 1st Generation Pokemon
1st Generation Pokemon
Did I over react?,
Did I over react?
What Group Projects Teach Me, The three things I learn from group projects at school.
What Group Projects Teach Me
Bear Grylls Tweet, Bear Grylls tweeting about having to drink his own pee in LA.
Bear Grylls Tweet

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