WRONG NUMBER! text, texts, photo
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I know you want it. Im so so sorry about that, I had the wrong number.
text, texts, photo
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How I choose to handle wrong numbers, HELLO. YES, THIS IS DOG.
How I choose to handle wrong numbers
Life is not a chick flick, She just wants to know if you love her.
Life is not a chick flick
What would you do if I broke up with you?,
What would you do if I broke up with you?
Attention: All Teenagers, Tired of being harassed by your stupid parents? Act now! Move out, get a job, and pay your own bills while you still know everything.
Attention: All Teenagers
Add Vodka, When life gives you lemons just ass vodka.
Add Vodka
Han's less exciting cousin., Han's less exciting cousin.
Han's less exciting cousin.
SOPA You Shall Not Pass!, Girl cant tell the difference between dumbledore and gandalf.
SOPA You Shall Not Pass!
Happy Parents,
Happy Parents
Peter Cosgrove, General Cosgrove explains why a shooting range is safe and legit.
Peter Cosgrove

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