Lunch with Five Guys forever alone, five guys and fries
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Dinner by myself...
forever alone, five guys and fries
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Guise.. SRSLY, Seriously guys.
Guise.. SRSLY
Man Rule #392: Banana, How to eat a banana as a man.
Man Rule #392: Banana
Boys will be boys...,
Boys will be boys...
1263831140932, 1263831140932
When I first realized I was growing up,
When I first realized I was growing up
Misspelled Tattoo on Facebook, "It's not spelled wrong, that's the way the quote was when I found it"
Misspelled Tattoo on Facebook
Turning 18 is overrated., Turning 18 is overrated.
Turning 18 is overrated.
Dog walking dog, Dog walking dog
Dog walking dog
125802720790, 125802720790

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