I know who I'm voting for in 2012 2012, president, presidential, patrick star
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Patrick Star for President in 2012. He'll take our countrys problems and push them somewhere else.
2012, president, presidential, patrick star
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Ben Bernanke Doesn't Explain Shit, Ben Bernanke on explaining the economy.
Ben Bernanke Doesn't Explain Shit
Batman x Star Wars, Putting batman in star wars.
Batman x Star Wars
Facebook Airport Pickup, If only there was an easier way to handle this.
Facebook Airport Pickup
Not A Photographer, You are not a photographer, you just have an overpriced camera.
Not A Photographer
Snapes on a Plane,
Snapes on a Plane
Pizza Hut Forever Alone, Right before I close the door I yell Pizzas here into my apartment. So he doesnt think all that pizza is for me.
Pizza Hut Forever Alone

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